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A Virtual Platform for Healthcare & Much More

Can be Up & Running in a matter of Minutes

Live Clinic - web page creation-calendar scheduling-communication-ecommerce.

Providing a Virtual Platform that meets your Immediate Needs

Our cloud-native platform delivers a branded-by-you site with reliable, high-quality video, phone and messaging that is easy to use, manage and deploy.

You can be LIVE in a matter of minutes and thereby continue to serve your patients and clients.

Your Conversation, Your Brand, Your Platform.

Launch Your Own Branded Consulting Business in Minutes

Platform features

Webpage Creation

computer image - live clinic

Each site is hosted on a Live.Clinic sub-domain or vanity domain. The platform contains a branded homepage (which you can design in the platform), a user view for your clients, and an expert view for you.


screen sharing - live clinic

With an easy to use scheduling system built into the expert view, you can easily identify the hours per day that you're available for consultations. Your clients have their own view and can simply select a time that works.


messaging - live clinic

The platform has 3 consultation methods: video chat with screen-share, phone call, and messaging. You can execute a paid or free consultation and you have the ability to record your consultations for playback later.


ecommerce image - live clinic

Built-in Ecommerce will automatically charge your clients for a consultation and automatically deposit your revenue into your bank account. Receipts and transactions records are also automatically generated.

Featured Implementations

The following implementations are live and doing consultations daily!

toronto hair transplant site

Toronto Hair Transplant Centre

Dr. Robert Jones and Dr.Jonathan Huber use the Live.Clinic platform to perform hair loss consultations with their prospective clients. The platform has allowed clients from across Canada to chat with the leading hair surgeons from their home, and ultimately determine the best course of treatment. Over 50 consultations completed!



Sharon Quinn of Nelson Animal Hospital wanted to bring her practice online, allowing pet owners around Ontario to speak with a veterinarian via video, phone, or message chat from their own home. Smart.Vet was born and has over 10 veterinarians on the platform and has recently been certified by the CVO (College of Veterinarians of Ontario). Over 100 consultations completed!

Conversational Commerce

By Carl Clift | October 18, 2019 |
conversational commerce - live clinic

What is Conversational Commerce? Well, the simple answer is its technology/intelligence that helps online consumers and businesses connect with each other through communication methods such as chat, voice, video and messaging. The use of conversational technologies such as messaging apps, chatbots and video consults has skyrocketed. As of early 2018, global monthly active users of…

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Is Starting A Business Easy?

By Carl Clift | October 18, 2019 |
Is starting a business easy - live clinic

Is Starting A Business Easy? Isn’t that the Billion Dollar question?! Well, let’s look at some stats first, always a good place to start. US Small Business Market There are around 29 million businesses with fewer than 500 employees in the United States, representing 99.7 percent of all US businesses and almost half of total…

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