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What We Do Best

With a few button clicks, you can launch your own online business with a branded website, client / expert view, video, phone, and message communications, appointment scheduling, email confirmations, document sharing, exchange and storage, product creation, and payment processing. We are your turnkey conversational platform that works alongside your existing website and/or replaces it

Featured Implementations

The following implementations are live and doing consultations daily!

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Is it easy to setup?

It's extremely easy to setup a clinc. Simply click 'Get Started' and begin setting up your new online business through a branded platform.

  1. Choose a template
  2. Customize your homepage, logo, and color scheme
  3. Setup your Services
  4. Setup your Payment Information
  5. Set Your Availability

Our Plaform Comes Fully Loaded

We combined the following elements into a single platform that allows you to launch your own branded on-line consultation platform within a few button clicks.

Branded Platform with Homepage

Each clinic is hosted on a sub-domain or vanity domain. The platform contains a branded homepage (which you can design in the platform), a user view for your clients, and an expert view for you and your team members.


With an easy to use scheduling system built into the expert view, you can easily select the hours per day that you're available for consultations. Your clients have their own view and can select the time that works.


We've included 3 consultation methods within the platform: video chat with screen-share, phone call, and messaging. You can perform a paid or non-paid consultation with a user through one of these 3 methods, the user's choice! All methods are contained within the platform.


Our platform has built-in eCommerce that will automatically charge your users for a consultation and automatically deposit your earned revenue into your bank account. Receipts and transactions records are automatically generated by the system.

Is it easy for your clients to use?

A clinic is extremly easy for your customers to use. They simply go to your new webpage, and click 'Get Started' and login. From there, your customers are able to select a communication channel that works for them and schedule their consultation on a channel that works for them!

Platform Features

The Live.Clinic platform is versatile and can handle all of your business needs. We've included an ever expanding feature list below:

Branded Platform

Your consultation business can reside on it's own unique domain or a sub-domain, with branded (white-labeled) landing page and user platform, giving your users an authentic experience

Client View

Along with a branded landing page for your users, the platform contains a view for your users to view your availability, book and attend consultations, and send you paid messaging

Expert View

Experts have their own unique view that allow them to completely manage their on-line consulting business. From setting pricing, availability, performing consultations (video or phone) and answering paid messages, the expert view has it all

Video Communication

Our browser based video conference system allows you to perform high-quality video consultations with your clients completely within the platform, no download required!

Phone Communication

Our in-platform phone system ensures that your phone number is never provided to the client. When beginning a phone consultation, our system will call you locally and then call the user, placing you both on a bridge automatically.

Message Communication

Allow your user's to send you paid messages that include videos, pictures, and documents..

Calendar / Scheduling

Our scheduling system easily allow experts to set their availability within the system by clicking on the hours of a day that they are available. This availability is then displayed to client's in the user view, who can then schedule an appointment based on the availability. We are working on integrating major calendars (Google Calendar) into the system shortly.

Email Notifications

Automatic email notifications are deployed from your platform when a new user sign's up to your clinic, when you've been booked for a consultation, and a reminder when your consultation is about to begin. The same sequence of email notifications is automatically issued to your users as well.

Website Creation

Our simplified website creation system allows you to create a beautiful consultant oriented homepage for your business. Everything from the logo, color scheme, text, and pictures can be updated

Screen Sharing

During a phone or video consultation, both the expert and user can screen share from a desktop.

Built-in E-commerce

Our built-in eCommerce system seamlessly ensures your clients pay for the consultation and the funds are transferred directly to you bank account. Always understand how much revenue is coming in and out of your consulting platform!


Easily add an existing google analytics pixel and/or facebook pixel into your clinic for enriched tracking and marketing. We are constantly adding in additional site analytic features that allow user's to fully understand how clients are using their clinic.

Create a Team

Build a team of experts to work in your platform with our team feature. This will allow you to add multiple experts and locations, which is great for franchises

Consultation Room

Both the consultant and customer can upload documents, pictures, videos, and files in the consultation view. All consultations are saved for later viewing

Create Coupons

Create unique coupon codes that will allow certain users, existing clients, etc to use the system cost-free

Our Platform Will Enable Your Business

Communication is the lifeblood of business. See below how we enable your business with online consultations!

Start Conversations

Lead Generation

  • Filter out those that do not fit
  • Create a memorable and lasting first interaction
  • Move prospects along the sales and relationship path
  • Build trust and authority in a one to one environment
  • Establish a follow up protocol (logging back in) to continue the friendship
Have Conversations


  • Deliver a high quality service via Video (the future of the Customer Experience)
  • Establish a one to one rapport
  • Explore all aspects of clients business using multiple conversation types
  • Share, record and access all parts of the conversations inside the platform
  • Increase productivity on both sides
Continue Conversations


  • Nurture the relationship via ongoing conversations
  • Give clients one on one access to you personally, ongoing
  • Give clients ANYTIME access to you via your Calendar
  • Provide a central place for all conversations, in the past and future
  • Provide additional content inside the platform for each and every client

Our Pricing - BETA (Limited Time)

We are in BETA for the next 90 days and would love your feedback! Launch your conversation platform now!

Branded Platform

Build a branded platform with homepage, user login, and expert login within a few button clicks.

Scheduling System

Our scheduling system is the easiest within the industry. Add as many experts as you need, each with their own availability calendar.

Communication System

Our 3 communication methods make it easy for any of your clients to use. If a client can't do video, have them schedule a phone call, or send a message!.

eCommerce System

Charging for consultations is optional. If you do charge, the client must complete the transaction process before accessing the consultation room.

FREE/ 3 months

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  • Full Platform Access
  • Unlimited Consultations
  • Online Technical Support
  • Unlimited Users
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