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healthcare Professionals

Brandable Telehealth Platform

Your Platform, Your Staff, Your Patients

Brandable Telehealth Platform for Healthcare Professionals

Connect, Book & Get Paid Using Telehealth Services

Countries worldwide are moving to using Telehealth consultations as the first line of communication in the patient’s treatment. We can help you provide this service immediately. Your own branded Telehealth platform. Our highly scalable and enterprise-grade message, phone and video communication platform will enable even the largest organizations, including healthcare providers, the flexibility to connect remotely to anywhere. All appointments are logged and can be recorded to allow for easy reporting to funders and other authorities.

We provide a scheduling system to allow appointments to be booked by your patients. We provide the communications mediums inside - message, phone, and video. We provide onboarding systems once appointments are scheduled. We provide Ecommerce capabilities - to take payments for services that you define. We provide content management and document exchange services. We provide conversation capture and recording services.

We provide all of this inside a consultation thread that is “alive” - you can simply login and review all interactions on an ongoing basis, as can your client.

Start, Have and Continue Telehealth Consultations - a Consulting Platform like no other

Your Consultation, Your Brand, Your Platform.

We enable authentic human connection and collaboration

Platform Features

Branded Platform

Our platform comes fully branded with your logo, colour scheme, and pictures to seamlessly integrate with your existing website.  On your home page, you simply create a new link called ‘Telehealth’ which sends your patients to your new Telehealth platform.


Our user-friendly scheduling feature is for both Healthcare Professionals and patients.  As a Professional, you can set the hours that you're available for online consultations.  Your patients are able to see your availability and book a time that works.  Don’t worry, email notifications are immediately sent upon booking.

Communication System

The platform contains three different communication methods for your patients, Message, Phone, and Video.  All consultations occur in your digital consultation room.   You have the option to record consultations as well.


Whether you are answering a message or performing a video consultation, you can charge for these.  You can set your own pricing, and the money is automatically deposited into your bank account upon completion of a consultation.   The system automatically generates receipts for clients and necessary tax documentation.

Employee Management

Do you have multiple Healthcare professionals working at your clinic? No problem!  You can easily add/manage team members within the platform, allowing them to also perform consultations and answer messages.

Client Record Management

Our platform does a great job of storing all patient records, and their consultation history.   At any time, you can easily look up a client and review their consultation history.   Also, for returning patients, their consultation history is always visible to you in the consultation room!

Your Consultation, Your Brand, Your Platform.

Our mission is to make quality Virtual Consultations a cornerstone of your business

A Platform to Streamline Your Healthcare Clinic

Use From Anywhere

With your own branded Telehealth Platform, you can access and use your platform wherever you want. Great for updating your patient notes and keeping up-to-date when you’re away from your clinic.

Easy to Use

The Platform is intuitive and simple to use, so no need for any IT skills! With a simple setup process, you can get started straight away.  Our support team will even help you get up and running.

Top Level Security

Data security is a top priority at Live.Clinic, and we use the best security technology possible. We never take shortcuts on your data storage, backup, or protection.

No Lock-In Contracts

We don’t believe in lock-in contracts, so you are free to upgrade, downgrade, export, or cancel at any time. Our goal is to make sure the platform adds value to your business every month and your clients see that value also.

Follow-Up Appointments

The platform is extremely valuable for performing follow-up appointments with your patients.   If it’s a quick follow-up to surgery or recent issue, have your patient schedule, attend, and pay for the consultation all within the platform.

Free Support (Unlimited)

We are always on hand to support you, either by email, live chat or video consult, no matter how big or small your question. 

Your Consultation, Your Brand, Your Platform.

Video is central to the Customer Experience (CX) of the future

But wait, there’s more…

Screen Sharing

During a video consultation, both the consultant and user can screen share from a desktop application.

Conversation Recording

You can create calls that are recorded and made available to you and your clients

Client View

Along with a branded landing page for your users, the platform contains a view for your users to view your availability, book and attend consultations, and send you payment for services and products purchased

Expert View

Experts have their own unique view that allow them to completely manage their on-line consulting business. From setting pricing, availability, performing consultations (video or phone) and answering paid messages, the expert view has it all


Easily add an existing google analytics pixel and/or facebook pixel into your clinic for enriched tracking and marketing. We are constantly adding in additional site analytic features that allow user's to fully understand how clients are using their clinic.

Create a Team

Build a team of experts to work in your platform with our team feature. This will allow you to add multiple experts and locations, which is great for franchises

Consultation Room

Both the consultant and customer can upload documents, pictures, videos, and files in the consultation view. All consultations are saved for later viewing

Create Coupons

Create unique coupon codes that will allow certain users, existing clients, etc to use the system cost-free

Input Forms

We have just introduced input forms that can be required PRIOR to having a conversation. Perfect to help qualify a prospect by getting information needed to make that call more valuable

Subscription Plans

Can I move up or down the different Subscription Plans?

Yes. You simply choose the new Subscription Plan under your Account Profile/Subscription Package inside your own site. We automatically adjust billing for that month also.