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Conversational Commerce

conversational commerce

What is Conversational Commerce?

Well, the simple answer is its technology/intelligence that helps online consumers and businesses connect with each other through communication methods such as chat, voice, video and messaging.

The use of conversational technologies such as messaging apps, chatbots and video consults has skyrocketed. As of early 2018, global monthly active users of the top 4 conversation applications surpassed users of the top 4 social networks. That’s proof.

Additionally, more than 120 million people owned a smart speaker (like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home) as of Jan 2019. Conversations with machines are still conversations I guess!!!

So as a small business you need to pay attention to this.

Why Use Conversational Commerce?

Why should more businesses use technology to start, have and continue conversations with prospective buyers and customers? 

One big reason is that it will dramatically help with your customer experience.   If you think in an offline way for a second try and think of the last time you were in a store and had a ‘sales assistant’ help you.  They started a conversation with you to get an understanding of why you were in the store and then assisted you in the best way to hopefully help solve your problem.

A second big reason is it will help a business add VALUE to that prospects or customers' experience.  (We will expand on the importance of adding value shortly.)

In this competitive world, if you don’t provide greater value and a better customer experience you are losing to your competition. Amazon won remember!

Therefore using technology to create conversational opportunities will help to differentiate your business from the competition, it will provide value to the customer by providing a better way to help address their questions and solve their problems, and lastly, it helps your business distinguish a visitor from a buyer. 

1 to 1 Customer Experiences

Conversational commerce is about providing a better, more personalized user experience via a 1 to 1 conversation. 

We believe that conversations are integral to building greater empathy and trust. Our goal is to make Customer Experiences delivered through Live.Clinic the differentiating factor for the business operator. We do this by focusing on conversations.

Ultimately, using technology to engage with our prospects and customers should add to their experience, not detract from it. And, when used correctly, that’s exactly what it does.

So, where do conversations fit?

Basically, throughout the sales journey. They are used to simply add value at the front end when you are making them aware of who you are. Conversations can help with lead generation to move that prospect further along the sales path. They also are “products” in and of themselves. Consultants deliver value via conversations and take payment for these services. Conversations create trust and authority that increase client retention rates.

Client relationships are all about Starting, Having and Continuing conversations where value is delivered in each instance and trust is earned.

The Importance of Adding Value

As we discussed above, the importance of adding value to your customer's experience is around the simple idea of the idea of influence.

Again going back to the example of a customer in a store and when approached by a sales assistant if they needed help if the customer really needed help and was told and shown then it's a win/win for both parties.  If the customer says no I don’t need help, the sales assistant moves on to speak and help someone that wants it. If the sales assistant became pushy and tried to sell the customer, almost 100% of the time the customer walks away.  They don’t want to be sold anything. Persuading them never works. But influencing does.

This idea only gets enhanced when using conversational technology.

This will make more sense to you when you realize all business commerce (B2C or B2B) involves a human to human interaction and a conversation.

Use conversations to build trust and give value, which in term builds a relationship with that customer.  Then continue to use conversations to build an ongoing long term relationship.

That long-term relationship is about making better customers.

And this, my friend, is where all the REAL MONEY is at.


One of our Live.Clinic clients would only sell their services via a 1 to 1 in-person meeting.  What they didn’t take into consideration were their prospect's busy lives and schedules. A large percentage could not spend the time to drive to their office..  Too many phone calls we listened to (via a business audit we did) showed the prospects not being able to match the schedule of the business owner, even though the prospect was at a buying stage.  

The simple answer was Live.Clinic.  Within the first 30 days of implementing an online way to schedule video consultations, the business closed over $30K from three video calls that the business would never have secured as the prospect could never make the drive-in.

The business took advantage of technology to simply provide an easy way to have a conversation online. It's simple things like that. Identifying ways to start and have a conversation that fits both parties.  Win/Win.

Everything you do in your business should be first and foremost in your customers' BEST INTEREST. And their experience.

So hopefully as you start your FREE trial of Live.Clinic or just come back to read content that adds huge value to your small business, please realize that what we are doing as a team can be your fast-track to solving some of your business hurdles.

We plan on regularly releasing strategies, plans and tactical activities that we have put into action with clients to help them manage and grow their businesses.

So, if you choose to leverage this information along with our technology, that will be a big win for you.

Before you go, let us leave you with a few nuggets of value.

Simply put, if you could get into more conversations, we know you can close more business. We can help there.

Live.Clinic takes people on a journey. A natural conversation journey.

It's an experience.

A relationship is established. Trust is built and attention is earned.

The secret sauce of Live.Clinic and conversational commerce is the fact that you meet them exactly where they are and you do it over a simple conversation, something they know and want anyway.

Conversations done well are leverage. It allows you to warm up a cold prospect, and get to know them and what makes them tick.  It allows you to listen and learn. It allows the prospect to get to understand you, your business solution and the authority you bring.

Now GO...have more conversations!


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