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Live Clinic - All in One Consulting Platform

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We are here to help in any way we can. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will make it happen. Identify your area of interest below and we will walk you through the fastest and most effective way for us to have that conversation.

Look for the Support Path that makes the most sense for you first and then click the support button below, register and choose the service option that matches your support path.

Getting Started Path - via Message

You are thinking about trying us out but have a few questions first. No problem at all. Choose [Pre Registration Question] service.

Product Questions Path - via Video

This support path is if have registered your Live.Clinic site and want to chat about how to set up your page, services, and other features. Choose the [How To Questions] service.

Technical Support Path - via Video

This support path is if you have registered your Live.Clinic site and have some technical questions. Choose the [Technical Questions] service.

Specialist Business Discussion Support Path - via Video

You want to chat about Your Business and how best to use the Live.Clinic platform to generate leads, sales and retain clients. Or maybe you want to see who else is using our system, the why and the how?

Or you want to chat about partner, joint venture, affiliate and/or investment opportunities. Maybe you have figured out how to lead an Expert Network and you want a partner like us to make it happen. Or you have multiple employees, franchise operators or multi-level sales teams and want to create efficiencies across your enterprise. Choose the [Business Discussion] service.

Chat By Phone Support Path - via Phone

Sometimes we just want to have a good old fashioned conversation on the phone! No Problem, we do that too! Choose the [Old School Chat] service.

Demonstration of the Platform Path - via Video

If you would like a personal tour of the Platform, then we are here to show you. When you register and login and schedule a Demonstration, you are doing what your prospects and clients would be doing. We will then show you how you can build your web page, create services, schedule your calendar and have great sales or support conversations. This is the consultant or Expert side of the business. You will see it all. You could be LIVE in 5 minutes. Come see how. Choose the [Demonstration] service.