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Advisory services for small business owners

Live Clinic - All in One Consulting Platform

Why We Offer These Services


Before we go into the add on services we provide, we want to be completely transparent, it's the way we run our business, it’s the way we live our lives. So please read and re-read the copy below before reaching out to us to discuss your business.

There are 3 beliefs that you must have in order for this to work - for you and Live.Clinic to succeed.

Firstly, you must BELIEVE in US. You must believe that we are real, trustworthy, and credible. You must see us as an Authority in Business, a team of people who have started, owned and built other small businesses, worked with 100’s of other businesses in various verticals, and have a genuine interest to help others. We will CLAIM that we know things, have learned things, been through things, can help you. Then we will give you PROOF. Because Lord knows, we HAVE SEEN SOME THINGS!.  We will need your TRUST for this to work. We will make every effort to earn that trust.

Secondly, you must BELIEVE in YOURSELF. You must believe that you CAN! That you can take that first step to meet your business goals. You must believe that you have the skills, energy, time, focus, even dollars to succeed. We will layout what YOU need to find in YOURSELF to make this work! 

Thirdly, you need to BELIEVE in the actual PRODUCT and SERVICE we provide.  What we will do together, how we will do it, when, etc... You need to believe that Live.Clinic and our add on advisory services are, for YOU! We will layout in detail via our CONVERSATIONS exactly what the platform does and does not do. We will discuss specific strategies, plans, activities, optimization and tracking processes that we have used and seen.

Why You Should Believe Us

We have spent the last 15+ years working closely with small and medium-size companies. We have done everything from strategic planning to campaign execution/sales to capital raising and exit sales. We specialize in deep-dive business analysis and then help the client translate those findings into a simple and predictable sales and marketing plan of attack. We have helped these companies acquire customers and sell their products and services to the tune of over $250 million dollars.  We do not say this to brag at all (and if you get to converse with us, you will realize we hate talking about our accomplishments). We say this only to prove a point and establish some authority.

Advisory Services

We know you will be able to implement our software on your own (because we purposely built it so you can). You will be able to create your web page, schedule calls and have conversations. You got this. We are here to help when you get stuck with the many other moving parts of running a business. That is the real rub no one talks about.

And... you do get stuck. We all do. We have run a Digital Marketing Agency for 15+ years now and not one of our 100+ clients did not get stuck at some point between making the prospect aware and closing the sale.

Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • I need to create more awareness in my market but I have no idea how to do it
  • I have lots of traffic but it doesn’t seem to be converting
  • What are my competitors doing and spending online?
  • What marketing activities should I do for the holidays this year?
  • How do I find out if that campaign is converting into sales?
  • I don’t have an email list, and I am not sure how to build one?
  • Am I targeting the right people?
  • Should I discount my services to get a new client?
  • How do I blend technologies into my business without hindering what I do best?

We can help with these and many more like them.

At this point, we could lay out all the wonderful things we can do, all the different add-on services we provide and ask you to BUY NOW. Not so fast, we are not there yet. Is there a fit between us? Have we reached that relationship status? Have we earned your business?

Not even close. We have made you aware of Live.Clinic. You know what problems we solve for and how. You have seen the software features. We have also made you aware of our expertise in online sales and marketing space.

So, given all of this, if you want to explore more with us, great! But, one step at a time. 

First Step

Start by scheduling the FREE 30-minute [Business Discussion] service. Click here to go to the Contact Us page and follow the instructions there. Look forward to chatting with you soon.